On Tuesday, video footage was released showing Senator Brown’s staff eading crowds in ‘war whooping’ and ‘tomahawk chopping’ during a clash with Warren supporters.

Scott Brown Apologizes for 'Tomahawk Chop' Video


Sen. Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts) issued an apology on Wednesday for a video of his staffers making war whoops and performing tomahawk chops during a recent rally, reported the Associated Press. They were mocking Elizabeth Warren for claiming Native American heritage.

Brown reprimanded his aides: They have been given their "one and only warning that this type of conduct will not be tolerated," he said.

"Senator Brown has spoken to his entire staff—including the individuals involved in this unacceptable behavior—and issued them their one and only warning that this type of conduct will not be tolerated," Brown spokeswoman Alleigh Marre said in a statement. "As we enter the final stretch of this campaign, emotions are running high, and while Senator Brown can't control everyone, he is encouraging both sides to act with respect. He regrets that members of his staff did not live up to the high standards that the people of Massachusetts expect and deserve."

His apology comes on the tails of criticism throughout Indian country of Brown's campaign perpetuating offensive stereotypes of American Indians.

Yesterday the National Center for American Indians (NCAI) released a statement calling the video of Brown's staffers "extremely disgusting." Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker also issued a statement requesting an apology from Brown. Baker labeled the video degrading and "downright racist." Baker was a delegate to this year's Democratic National Convention.

While the NCAI condemned Brown for making false claims—such as “referring to someone’s skin color as an indicator for Native American identity"—the organization also cast blame on Warren for neglecting to speak with American Indian press.

Warren’s campaign has not respond to any requests for interviews from American Indian media, which "could have gone a long way to reducing tension and increasing awareness," said NCAI Executive Director Jacqueline Pata.

On multiple occasions, Indian Country Today Media Network has requested interviews with Warren. While she has continued to do interviews with the mainstream and local press, including national appearances on MSNBC, Warren still avoids American Indian press, thus allowing public misconception about Native identity to be perpetually misrepresented. See: Elizabeth Warren Avoids American Indian Media.

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deviantprolix's picture
Submitted by deviantprolix on
this is a funny story, when the very comments that came from native americans on this subject, on this site and in facebook resembled the senators comments. What resonable person would walk into a burning building........(lc)

osprey43's picture
Submitted by osprey43 on
My grandmother on my father's side was Native American and my grandfather on my mother's side was Native A. and when I hear people whining about a bunch of idiots whooping and chopping it almost makes me sick to my stomach. I wonder if the monkeys get insulted by people jumping and making monkey noises. It reminds me of how often the race card is attempted to be played now-a-days by anyone and everyone. I had enough of that crap while growing up being called nigger, darkie and a whole lot of other names because of my skin color. Now everyone wants to jump on the "I am indain" or have ancestors that makes me one of them, get it one of "them". I have found that most people that want to be called "indain" wants to be called that for some other reason than heritage, and that is for money or personal gain. I do not judge a person by his skin color as I know how it feels. I look at their actions to find the true meaning behind their claims with skepticism and never want to be a follower all the time anyone cries wolf. So I will see if this media network prints it like it is or has to play the politically correct crap and print this like I have written it mistakes and all. I AM PROUD OF MY HERITAGE and a lot of the people cannot say that with the meaning that I do.

chico2dc's picture
Submitted by chico2dc on
ummm...these people are federal employees, and should be held to a higher standard....like fired!!

tmsyr11's picture
Submitted by tmsyr11 on
'Tomahawk Chops'? doesn't this get celebrated at FSU Seminole F/B games, Atlanta Brave B/B games and countless. No body is disgusted then? If Democrat supporters were giving Tomahawk Chops, when there be the same level of disgust and INDIAN MEDIA reporting, i.e. attention? Don't even mention the countless mascots, i.e. Braves, Chiefs, Scouts, Redman, etc., etc., etc., in STATE-funded High Schools across designated Reservations lands! Where is the outcry in that?