Local Anti-Elizabeth Warren Sign Ridicules Her as 'Princess Little Big Liar'


Robert Sullivan, 64, owner of  Sullivans Inc., a motorcycle accessories distributor in Hanson, Massachusetts, has posted two signs outside his store featuring Elizabeth Warren in American Indian headdress with war paint on her face, reported WickedLocal.com. The signs state: “Elizabeth Warren is a joke. Princess Little Big Liar. Vote Scott Brown United States Senate," criticizing the U.S. Senate candidate for her claimed Cherokee and Dakota heritage. Indian Country Today Media Network’s Rob Capriccioso has written extensively about Warren’s claim, including a story about the Senate debate. “We’re $16 trillion dollars in debt and these politicians don’t seem to care and somebody’s got to pay the tab, right?” Sullivan told the local newspaper. Sullivan is also the man behind controversial anti-Obama ads. On one placard, a young girl gives the middle finger to the President. The other displays President Obama's photo beside the remarks: “Somewhere in Kenya a village is missing its idiot. Obama One Big Ass Mistake America, Vote Mitt Romney for 2012!” Sullivan said he has received many phone calls from people across the country both praising and condemning his signs. People from as far away as the United Kingdom and Kenya have emailed him infuriated by his racist and sexist ads. "They call the signs obscene and I think the way the country’s being run is obscene," Sullivan said. Warren's press secretary and Brown's spokeswoman have both declined to comment on the signs to the press. The signs, located at a busy and dangerous intersection, have been labeled a safety hazard. According to local Hanson officials, the signs violate town bylaws, and an Oct. 9 zoning laws hearing will address the issue, which could head to federal court, WickedLocal.com suggested. “I don’t want it to go there,” Sullivan said. Nevertheless, Sullivan said he has no plans to take down the signs, which have cost him upwards of $2,000. Since the signs have been vandalized, he's gone as far to place security cameras on trees near the signs that record 24 hours a day. The ad with the girl flipping off Obama has been stolen, but Sullivan quickly replaced it, chaining the new sign to a tree. Sullivan keeps three back-ups of each sign, he said. The signs lampooning Warren are among the latest attacks on the Senate candidate for her claimed American Indian ancestry, echoing incumbent Sen. Scott Brown's anti-Indian campaign rallies.

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Submitted by curtj on
where are all the pyros when you need one. This descendant of the illegal European immigrants who stole and murdered their way across this country, is continuing the tradition of his ancestral thieves and murderers. our leaders are without vision and toothless in nature. They allow the descendants of the illegal immigrants to continue to steal our resources and lands without a peep out of them. They refuse to take our concerns to the Indigenous Peoples Forum of the United Nations. They are content to sit their with their hands out begging for money that won't come as their resources and lands are stolen

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Submitted by tmsyr11 on
The photo is all too funny and all to telling of what Elizabeth warren represents.

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Submitted by jaydokie on
Again, I am sick of this issue. My personal feeling is that all other tribes, politicians, and media should leave this issue alone. We Cherokees have an enrollment process and we are capable of determining our own membership. We are not so inept that we would enroll anybody just because they claim ancestry with us. Also, we know that her opponent is not and Indian advocate, whereas her pride about her belief that she is part Cherokee would seem to make her an advocate for Indian Country. There are very few Indian advocates in Congress so why would we spend so much time on this one issue? No body rushes to our (Cherokee) defense in our right to determine membership of the freedmen issue. Most of the freedmen don't have any Cherokee blood, but are members forced on us in the Treaty of the Cherokee Nation 1866. I am a Cherokee member but did not become one until I was 25 years old. It wasn't that I couldn't prove it, but rather that I didn't submit an application. Everyone needs to using my tribe to further their cause and focus on more important issues in Indian Country. We don't take on other tribe's membership issues. The national media isn't focusing on Ms Warren's other political positions so she must be capable of representing her state.