Christina Thomas, Northern Paiute, will represent the United States in the Miss Humanity International pageant, starting in two weeks in Barbados.

Christina Thomas: An Update, and a Request for Support from Indian Country


As we previously reported, Christina Thomas, Northern Paiute of the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony, is gearing up for the Miss Humanity International (MHI) contest, which will be held in Bridgetown, Barbados, October 14-21. This weekend we received a note from her about the ongoing fan favorite voting:


Thank you for your support. The Facebook updates you've posted have helped out a lot! I wanted to give your readers an update on voting. I am still in 2nd place -- I'm behind 2,309 votes. If we can get Indian country to vote DAILY and every 12 hours we will catch up! We have 18 days to do it. Here is the link for my Miss USA profile -- you vote by clicking on the stars below"Miss U.S.A.":

Also, I'd love it if you would post the Facebook way to vote as well, which might be a good idea because this is where I am behind in the voting. I have 330 votes on here and 2,562 on the MHI site. All they have to do is LIKE the photo. Here is the link!/photo.php?fbid=443284492378943&set=pb.129920677048661.-2207520000.1349062789&type=1&theater

Thank you again for your support. I KNOW we can do this is 19 days! Miss Philippines isn't getting too many new votes -- the gap has been us staying pretty constant. And I'm not giving up!

I have faith in my Native supporters :).

Thank you so much!


Christina Thomas

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