Said to have belonged to Crazy Horse, this jacket sold for $10,000 at auction.

Jacket Said to Have Belonged to Crazy Horse Sells for $10,000


A jacket believed to have belonged to the Lakota leader Crazy Horse has sold for $10,000 at an auction in California. According to the description of lot 553 at, the item is a:

Brain tanned beaded leather jacket with fringe. The beads are sinew sewn and include pink, white, green, dark blue, turquoise, light blue, light green and greasy yellow. Front decorated with 6 beaded horses, dark blue, green and pink. Back is decorated with 6 beaded horses, 2 green, 2 pink and 2 dark blue. Seam work bead decorated. Condition: All bead work in Excellent condition, leather with traces of yellow coloring, shows much wear and use, some minor small holes, but leather is still soft and supple. A very well made jacket in exceptional condition for its age and use. Provenance: Private Texas Collection and includes notarized letter from original owner

The letter, written in 1981 by a man who purchased the jacket in 1979, describes an owner named Blakesley, who "traveled extensively through the north west: Dakotas, Wyoming, Mont. He was not rich but comfortable. I do not know why or who if anyone financed him to travel among the Indians but he claimed to be a blood brother of the Indians and they accepted him."

The jacket was overshadowed by the top-selling item, the "amnesty Colt" pistol that belonged to Butch Cassidy, which sold to a museum in Europe for $175,000. According to the documentation, Cassidy turned the Colt over to authorities in 1899, hoping (in vain, it turned out) to be granted amnesty for his crimes.

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