'Humor Dickael Navajo Trunks,' yours for $26.39 at asos.com

So-called 'Navajo' Underwear -- It's Not Just for Girls Anymore


Jezebel noted today that online fashion retailer Asos has contemporary apparel on its site identified as "Navajo." Asos carries products made by a number of manufacturers, and a search for "Navajo" on the site generated 372 results. Most of those, granted, were not explicitly labeled Navajo, and in fact "Aztec" is a more popular designation for products intended to be, essentially, "Indian-looking."

A year ago, Columbus Day 2011, the popular retailer Urban Outfitters found itself in a heap of trouble -- or if nothing else, bad press -- when an open letter from Sasha Houston Brown of the Santee Sioux Nation went viral. Suddenly, Natives began protesting Urban Outfitters' Native-themed products on a variety of blogs, on Facebook, and on Twitter. One common complaint was that the items were cheap approximations of items with cultural or spiritual significance. A weightier charge was that certain items, particularly those branded "Navajo" -- such as the infamous "Navajo hipster panty -- violated copyright laws and even the Indian Arts and Crafts Act, which made it illegal for non-Indian manufacturers or craftspeople to sell items they claimed were Indian-made.

The Navajo Nation eventually did file a suit against Urban Outfitters on jut those grounds. The case is still pending, and last week Philadelphia-based Urban Outfitters put in a bid to have it moved from a New Mexico court to one in eastern Pennsylvania.

Below are some of the products labeled "Navajo" at Asos.com:

Navajo Print Tank by Denim Supply by Ralph Lauren
Navajo Backpack by Mi-Pac
Navajo Cross Back Dress by Reverse
Navajo Pattern Midi Skirt by Reverse
Navajo Sneaker Liners by River Island
Contrast Navajo Blazer by Shades of Gray
Navajo Jacquard Shorts by Wings and Horns
Navajo Jacquard Collar Pique Polo by Wings and Horns
Navajo Print T-shirt by Worn By
Navajo Military Boots by Frank Wright
Suede Navajo Stitch Detail Shoes by F Troupe

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