Steven Judd Image of the Week: 'Native Hipster'


Steven Paul Judd, Kiowa/Choctaw, is known primarily as a filmmaker; with writing partner Tvli Jacob he penned and/or directed American Indian Graffiti: This Thing Life (2003), Search for the World’s Best Indian Taco (2010), and Shouting Secrets (2011). Yet he is also a prolific visual artist whose mashups of Native experiences and disposable American pop culture are sly and often downright funny. His creations include paintings, prints, poster art, photography, and t-shirt designs.

With this week's image (which plays on the typical hipster claim of having been onto the cool music or fashion before everyone else discovered it) Judd looks at the so-called "discovery" of the Americas, an apt topic given our current focus on Columbus Day.

For more images about Columbus' legacy, see our "Columbus Day: The E-Cards" and "Columbus Day: Images of Protest" posts. To keep up with Steven's artistic pursuits, visit him on Facebook.

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