One of many stunning stills from the trailers for TimeScapes, the movie by time-lapse photographer and cinematographer Tom Lowe.

Video Rapture: Time-Lapse Photography Comes Alive


Filmmaker and director Tom Lowe has turned time-lapse photography into cinematographic art, and that is nowhere demonstrated more breathtakingly than in his movie TimeScapes, which he began as a hobby, starting with shots he began taking in Joshua Tree National Park. Lowe makes this painstaking work appear effortless, as starry skies morph seamlessly into daytime shots, rainbows form and dissipate within seconds in a waterfall, and an indigenous person in full regalia dances around a fire at night in slow-motion, virtually suspended in mid-air.

According to his website at, Lowe spent two years camping out in places like Yosemite National Park, sleeping on cots next to his running cameras for 250 nights. At some point he teamed up with composer Nigel John Stanford, a New Zealander, for the ethereal music that lends depth to the vision-like quality of the photos.

Below are two trailers for the film, with some overlapping scenes but each with distinctive qualities as well.

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