Designer Mark McNairy (right) at a party held on September 18 to celebrate the GQ x Gap collection.

Gap's Manifest Destiny T-Shirt -- Brought to You by GQ Magazine


As we reported earlier today, clothing retailer The Gap is selling a t-shirt that says, for reasons unknown, "Manifest Destiny" -- a historical concept that many Natives associate with forced relocation, broken treaties, and genocide.

Why, many Natives wonder, would anyone feel the need to put Manifest Destiny on a t-shirt? It turns out that The Gap alone is not responsible for the design. The shirt was created by Mark McNairy, a designer chosen by GQ magazine as one of America's Best New Designers, and the shirt is in a collection branded "GQ x Gap" (or "Gap x GQ" depending what website you're on).

A blog entry from describes the festivities for the launch of the project. And below is a group shot of the designers -- McNairy is at right, seated on a stool, wearing a Manifest Destiny shirt underneath a blazer.

Gap x GQ designers, including Mark McNairy

For anyone interested in signing, there is a petition at demanding that Gap discontinue the shirt. Over the past few hours, the number of signatures has jumped from 1,500 to over 2,800. Immense credit goes to AIM Southern Cal for raising this issue on its Facebook page on Saturday and hammering at it relentlessly over the past couple days.

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gsevalikova's picture
Submitted by gsevalikova on
Wow, it never stops does it! But it's good that AIM Southern Cal caught this and brought attention to this thing !

aimsoutherncal's picture
Submitted by aimsoutherncal on
Business & People that CAPITALIZE on EXPLOITATION at NATIVE PEOPLES expense are like dealing with a house infested with roaches- it is everywhere, so we keep thinking positve and work to make an GAP the example that this is not TOLERATED! saying OOOPS and taking down 1 shirt doesn't not give you a pass to keep doing the same thing with other merchandise one T-Shirt has in a big letters ONWARD Onward towards what? EXPLOITATION? COLONIZATION? THIRD WORLD LIVING CONDITIONS?

tmsyr11's picture
Submitted by tmsyr11 on
You have to understand though - this is trash is what they sell as "PROGRESS"! If your of the alternative persuasion or carry a bat and swing left, "YOU" are entitled to it; you have a right to exist even if it offends others; it is all about "YOU". Unfortunately for American Indians, "Manifest Destiny" has many other interpretations and applications than just indian - American Indians DON't have exclusive rights and interests to MANIFEST DESTINY. If some American Indians were so quick to abdicate 'lanuage' 'culture' as in the Elizabeth Warren debacle - why are these same Indians suddenly 'shocked' 'disgusted' 'bothered' by these same PROGRESSIVES exploiting interests/sensitivites of American Indians?