The Pigskins is a better name for the D.C. NFL team?

Newspaper Is 'Unilateraly Renaming the Local NFL Team' in Washington, D.C.


The Washington City Paper is giving you a chance to vote for a new name for Washington, D.C.'s NFL team. Declaring that the paper is "unilaterally renaming the local NFL team to avoid using its racist nickname any longer," readers can select one of five options in an online poll and whichever wins will be the way City Paper refers to the team from now on, both in print and online.  The five alternatives are:

Washington Pigskins (nickname: The Hogs)

Washington Washingtons

Washington Monuments

Washington Half-Smokes

Washington Bammas (According to the Urban Dictionary, a "bamma" is a term that originated in the metro D.C. area for a person lacking style and/or common sense.)

Click here to vote.

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