Speaker of the House John Boehner: 'We Can Do Better'

John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives

In recent months, my role as Speaker of the House has allowed me to travel much of our great nation—including Indian country—and talk to Americans of all walks of life. Wherever I go, conversation quickly turns to jobs and the state of the economy. There’s a clear sense among families and small business that we can be doing better.

I couldn’t agree more. We don’t have to accept painfully high unemployment as the new normal. And we certainly don’t have to live with a president who accuses the American people of going “soft” while refusing to lead on the budget and the approaching fiscal cliff that threatens to destroy hundreds of thousands of additional jobs. We need a real recovery, and a president who understands how our economy works.

The president won’t admit it today, but this election has always been about his handling of jobs and the economy. In 2009, just months after moving into the White House, President Obama acknowledged his presidency would be a “one term proposition” if he didn’t turn the economy around by November of this year.

At the time, President Obama and Democrats had complete control of Washington, D.C., and they embraced policies including a trillion-dollar “stimulus” that ended up shipping jobs overseas to places like China and El Salvador, a costly government takeover of health care, and a “cap and trade” national energy tax that grew the size of government and the debt, but haven’t helped bring about long-term growth. In fact, they’ve actually made things worse.

John BoehnerAs a result, today America is buried in the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression. Families are bringing home less pay while shelling out more dollars for everything from gasoline to groceries. The national debt has increased $5.5 trillion under President Obama more than any previous president. And in all, 23 million Americans remain unemployed.

It’s time to chart a new course for freedom and prosperity for all, and we can start by electing Governor Mitt Romney to lead this American comeback. Like me, Mitt has run a business and created jobs, and he and Paul Ryan are offering a common-sense plan to create a stronger middle class through energy independence, greater certainty for small businesses by stopping looming tax hikes, and a path to begin paying down the debt.

Of course Mitt and Paul will need support, and we have a strong crop of candidates for the U.S. Senate and House, including representatives Jeff Denham and Mary Bono Mack of California, Representative Ann Marie Buerkle of New York, Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona and Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma, just to name a few. I couldn’t be more proud of these people, and all of the members of the Republican House majority who’ve worked tirelessly to lead the way in offering solutions for jobs these past 20 months.

We’ve kept our 2010 “Pledge to America” and listened to the people across the states and Indian country who want to get government out of the way of economic growth by cutting government spending, shutting down the jobs-destroying red-tape factory in Washington, D.C., and repealing Obamacare and all its tax hikes, cost increases and its $716 billion in Medicare cuts. And despite Democrats still controlling the White House and the Senate, we’ve made some real progress.

Still, there is much to be done, and through this election we have a chance to elect leaders who share our commitment to a pro-growth agenda. So if you too believe we can do better than the status quo if you agree that the government exists to serve the people, and the people create jobs and small businesses please consider casting your vote for Mitt Romney and our Republican ticket next Tuesday, November 6. Together we will get our economy, and our country, back on track.

John Boehner is the current Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

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andre's picture
Sounds like they typical John Boehner campaign speech he sends out every moth in his House Speaker e-mail newsletter. John Boehner is partly responsible for many of the failures we see in Indian country today. He as speaker wields great clout and could have advanced an agenda that would address many of the systemic federal government failures he speaks of. But he chooses not too. Instead we see a blanket endorsement for any and all GOP candidates in a vain attempt to hang onto their majority in the House of Representatives. I would ask all readers, When was the last time you saw a member of Congress on your reservation advocating or fighting to improve the quality of life, unless it was election time? It is nice of John Boehner to present this timely bit of information regarding political gridlock coincidentally at election time.
bootanner's picture
Typical boiler plate. Doesn't even address issues regarding Indian Country. He doesn't even tokenize the Indians he thinks he knows, assuming he's ever met an Indian. Weak op-ed!
rubystargoats's picture
Unfortunately both parties anymore are different sides of the same coin...good news for the mega corporations and special interest groups who have a stranglehold on most everything and way too many tentacles in the government...bad news for anyone who just wants to make a life in America...especially us youngsters. I just wish enough people would decide to quit being sheep for a bit so we can change things up, or at least do some major feather ruffling. Hopefully this whole mess stays together long enough for me to jump of the system as much as possible and start my sustainable farm. Signed, a very discouraged and pessimistic college student....
normanf's picture
what mr boehner isnt saying is its the republicans in congress thats holding things up. they wont release funding for any project president Obama initiates. the republicans wont let the president raise the debt ceiling. when ronald reagan was the president he raised the debt ceiling several times with the help of a reublican congress. if mr boehner & the reublicans are thinking of the best interests of american indians why are they still living below the poverty line. the indians that live on the reservations are still paying taxes. It is the republicans that want to make president Obama a one term president only because he is a person of color. it is apalling seeing the GOP the way the treat people of different cultures. they are nothing more than self righteous fools.
titloup's picture
A trillion dollar stimulus that the Republicans turned into a half-trillion dollar tax break for the wealthy. They, and the corporations they control, sent those jobs overseas! What a ktchimajiskog!!
rezzdog's picture
Of course it is the same old, same old. What did you expect, actual intelligence?
gsevalikova's picture
Just more proof that Natives have to volunteer to run for office, including the presidency- you did have historic leaders that many overseas would be glad to die for, since these leaders actually cared about their people and lands-anywhere on earth you go, few measure up. Boehner is a symptom of the "international man disease." The only people who are qualified to reverse that trend is you, Native People. Went on "Voice of Russia Radio" and "Radio Free Europe" to see what's going on over there, and it just makes me want to holler. It's as if there are no brains in D.C.