The new Carol City Chiefs football uniforms

Rapper Flo Rida Donates Innovatively Offensive Indian-Themed Uniforms


Use of American Indian characters and imagery by sports teams is an issue we've discussed quite a lot here—but today we have news of an unusual side skirmish in the war against them. Hip hop star Flo Rida has given his high school, Miami-Carol City, a set of new football uniforms, and the internet is offering its opinion:

Ugliest. Uniforms. Ever.

The outfits to be worn by the Carol City Chiefs starting with the 2013 football season feature a design on the helmet that resembles a sacred feather headdress and an Indian head logo on the, er, front of the pants. You could say the crotch. Many have.

And for those of you keeping track, the Indian head in this case is the noble, stoic kind (à la Washington Redskins, University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux, and Florida State Seminoles) and not the cartoony kind (still going strong in Cleveland).

Blog postings are not being kind:

Big Lead Sports: "Flo Rida is Responsible For This Monstrosity of a Uniform for His Old High School"

SB Nation: "Florida HS unveils NEW ugliest uniforms ever"

OnyxBook: "Flo Rida Gave His High School The 'Gift' Of The Ugliest Football Uniforms Ever Made"

BroBible: "Take My Eyes, But Not the Shirt: Presenting the World’s Most Hideous Football Jersey"

The uniforms were dreamed up by Futuristic Woo, a design outfit which made news earlier this year when its unusual uniforms for Atlantic High School were unveiled. Though many sports fans felt Atlantic's uniforms were incredibly ugly, Flo Rida (Carol City class of '98) was inspired by them, according to the Palm Beach Post blog, to contact the designer for a revamp of his own school's look. Here's a better view (click to enlarge):

Carol City Chiefs football uniforms

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worsdell's picture
Submitted by worsdell on
I was just wondering... How come I never read anything about the Chicago Black hawks having a racist logo??

worsdell's picture
Submitted by worsdell on
I have been wondering... How come there never is any mention of the Chicago Blackhawks??