Rams QB Sam Bradford First Native American Athlete to Play at London's Wembley Stadium


Today, Sunday, October 28, the New England Patriots (4-3) and St. Louis Rams (3-4) play each other in London, England, a heck of a road trip for both clubs (the Rams are the "home" team). With the growth in popularity of the NFL overseas, the league has been scheduling games in London for several years now. When the Patriots and Rams meet at Wembley Stadium, England's national stadium, Rams star quarterback Sam Bradford, Cherokee, will be the first Native American to play in the heralded venue, according to the London Sun.

Regarding his heritage Bradford, 24, said: “It’s something I’m definitely proud of and I’ll never shy away from it. But I don’t know probably as much as I should about tribal history and customs.

“At the same time, I have a great platform and, if I can use that in a positive way and be a role model for younger kids, I think it’s a really good thing.”

Chad Smith, former principal chief of the Cherokee Nation, told The Sun: “Sam’s a great example of simple, quiet, humble leadership. For us in Oklahoma, with a quarter of a million tribes-people, it is uplifting.”

Kickoff is scheduled for 1pm/ET. Check your local listings for coverage.

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