Waccamaw Indians 20th Annual Cultural Arts Festival and Pauwau


All are invited to join the Waccamaw Indians of South Carolina on November 3 and 4 for their 20th Annual Cultural Arts Festival and Pauwau. The event will be held on the Waccamaw Tribal Grounds in Aynor, South Carolina.

Grand entries will be held Saturday at 1 pm and 6 pm and on Sunday at 2 pm. MC is John Blackfeather and host drum is Edisto River Singers. In addition to food and arts and crafts vendors, Native drum and dance will be showcased.

For more information, visit waccamawindians.us or call (843) 358-6877

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Submitted by Rabon on
I would like for my adopted daughter, to be adopted into the Waccamaw Indian tribe. Will I be able to see Chief Hatcher , an get this done? I have no known family to find out her identity. All but her looks, is a positive match.