Kid Cudi wearing the less-controversial Cleveland Indians cap that is part of the team's away uniform.

Cleveland-Born Hip Hop Star Kid Cudi Would 'Revamp' Chief Wahoo


Scott Mescudi, the Grammy-winning rapper known as Kid Cudi, was born in Cleveland and has always worn his allegiance to the town like a badge. In fact, he has made Cleveland Indians paraphernalia his own trademark, frequently wearing an Indians baseball cap.

On Sunday, Cudi's fans were treated to a number of revelations, via Twitter, about his future plans, including the status of his upcoming album Indicud and an auction of some of his designer clothing.

He also said he has been working with cap manufacturer New Era to design a custom fitted cap, then followed that tweet with this unexpected statement:

Kid Cudi tweet - Gonna revamp the Cleveland Indians logo as well. Something that doesn't offend native americans

It's not clear whether the "revamped" logo would appear on his planned hat (or anywhere at all) nor does he address the fact that, in the opinion of many Natives, what the team needs is a name change rather than a logo revamp. Still, it's an interesting remark from a celebrity so closely identified with baseball's most controversial mascot.

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