Bradley University Will Keep Braves Nickname, May Add a Mascot


Recently, Bradley University sent out an e-mail with a 5-minute video to alumni asking for thoughts about changing the school's nickname from the current Braves, which many Native Americans find offensive. An overwhelming majority of the 4,10o respondents supported keeping the name, rather than changing to options like the Eagles, Gargoyles or Lions. The respondents also favor adding a mascot.

School officials say Bradley stopped using a mascot at some point before 1990 as pressure to drop American Indian mascots increased, according to the Associated Press.

But Bradley, the University of Illinois and 16 other schools were targeted by the NCAA in 2005 over their use of American Indian sports-team names and mascots.

Bradley, small, private university in Peoria, convinced the NCAA that its use of Braves wasn't hostile toward American Indians, but the school for several years continued to draw scrutiny.

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Submitted by glen on
Actually, Bradley has not used any American Indian imagery in more than 20 years. They have done nothing wrong in the subsequent time period. The citation by the NCAA in 2005 was due to administrative error as it had repeatedly been cleared by the organization due to the fact that the University has done nothing but utilize a generic logo since 1993, which it just replaced last year. It quickly corrected the error when the institution appealed.