Video: Code Talker Joe Kellwood Sings the Marine Corps Hymn in Navajo


Today the U.S. Marine Corps turns 237. Founded in 1775, the Corps existed before the United States of America. At a recent ceremony at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Navajo Code Talker Joe Kellwood sang the Marine Corps Hymn in Navajo. For all the Native Americans who have served and do serve in the Corps, especially the heroic Navajo Code Talkers, this is a beautiful performance. Kellwood saw action in the Pacific during World War II in the battles of Cape Gloucester, Peleliu and Okinawa. Today we honor veterans like Code Talker Joe Kellwood and the U.S. Marine Corps. Semper Fi!

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I have the greatest respect for these men. I had the great privilege to have my photo made with Code Talker Bill Toledo at the MCL convention in Greensboro, NC two years ago. I treasure it very much. The only thing I wish was that there had been a microphone closer by to pick up his voice better. Still, makes chills go. Semper Fi Marines, Jim Hethcox, Commandant PFC George Eiland Det., 1040 LaGrange, GA