Native American Heritage Month: Rock Your Mocs


According to Facebook, Rock Your Moc's is an up and coming nonprofit organization that's "still in the thinking stage." As a way to celebrate Native American Heritage Month, the group encouraged everyone the world over to rock their mocs—or moccasins—today wherever they went.

"Why? To show everyone that us as Native Americans are still around," says a poster announcing the event. The group has garnered more than 2,700 likes on its Facebook page and had some supportive comments about creating the event, now in its second year.

People were rocking their mocs across the country. Facebook commenters were saying they participated in California, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Florida, Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, Massachusetts, and even Canada.

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Mary Magdalena's picture
Mary Magdalena
Submitted by Mary Magdalena on
I laugh when I see the mocs on the first photo bought by a Romanian Gypsy pretending to be Lakota/Mohawk, now, after changing a few other nations and claims relations to a very well knows and prestigious Lakota and also Mohawk families! I wonder if this families know of her existence!

lakota1950's picture
Submitted by lakota1950 on
Will be proud to Rock our Moc's on November 15th. I want to share my pride, as the mother of the woman's legging's and moc's in the first photo above. I watched as she handcrafted and fully beaded these to represent Native woman who are very important in her life. Months of hard work and love when into their creation. She crafted these with the blessings of the original artist. We are of Lakota/Mohawk/Czech-Gyspy and Swiss descent. So very proud of our heritage Roc those Moc's on the 15th.