Where to look for Venus and Saturn in the sky this week. (Photo Illustration: AstroBob/Stellarium)

Venus and Saturn Snuggle Up in Pre-Dawn Sky


Beauty and time may not on the face of it seem to go hand in hand. But over the next few days, they will do just that: Saturn, the Roman God of Time, and Venus, known as the Goddess of Love to the ancient Romans, will snuggle up in Tuesday’s pre-dawn sky, Space.com tells us.

Venus has cavorted with just about every planet in the solar system, not to mention the occasional star cluster. Now the planet—known to the Mayans as the opposite of love, actually, since it was a god of war—will form a conjunction with Saturn, hovering just to the right and below the dim, yellow gas giant, this week. The two will be low about the east-southeast horizon, Space.com says, starting at about 4:30 a.m. local time. Saturn will keep rising and offer a great telescope view of its renowned rings at about 5:30 a.m. as they continue to tilt, Space.com said.

This is just a one-nighter for Venus and Saturn, as they will drift apart over the next five days, though still remaining close. Venus will sink lower and lower each night, and Saturn will ascend. 

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