Oliveira wants Tavoris Cloud next. Or "the other" Oliveira

Native Boxer, Marcus 'The Real' Oliveira Is Serving--and Receiving--Notice


Fresh off a devastating first-round KO of Ricky Torrez to take the WBA Federol Light Heavyweight title, Marcus Oliveira, Menominee Nation, is aiming for a shot at Tavoris Cloud, the current IBF Light Heavyweight champion. Then again, he might want to prove to the world that he is The Real Oliveira, by dropping his doppleganger, Brazilian figher Marcus "The Other" Oliveira. Amazingly, both have nearly identical records: The Real Oliveira is 24-0, The Other is 23-1.

Taking all this in is one of the, if not the, leading boxing analysts active today, David A. Avila of The Sweet Science. Ball wrote a column December 1 that we encourage you to check out. You can find the article here.

And stick with ICTMN, as we continue coverage of Marcus, a fighter all of Indian Country can be proud of. We'll be getting scoops from his team at Underground Boxing Company and providing reports as developments on his next fight occur. 

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