Stray dog is helped by Houston firefighters.

You Can Count on a Firefighter to Help, Even Dogs Know


Courtesy of the Facebook page Show Your Soft Side, we're happy to provide this nice photo of Houston firefighters helping out a stray dog. The dog, clearly intelligent, found his way to Houston's Fire Station 11, where he was warmly received and cared for. 

During this holiday season, we invite everyone to reach out to those who may not be able to help themselves, especially animals. Rez Dog Rescue is one group that is really doing great work to care for neglected and abused dogs and cats.

And please don't forget about our Veterans.  Those who sacrifice so much to make sure our Nations are kept safe deserve our respect and assistance.


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Submitted by anon on
very funny. the photo has been edited. the dog was very "happy" in the original photo.