New Jersey Assembly To Vote on Legalizing Online Casino Gaming Today


The New Jersey Assembly is expected to vote on a bill today that could legalize online casino gambling, reported

While Christie denied a similar bill nearly two years ago, there's speculation Atlantic City's current economic struggles will sway his opinion, reported The Record. Atlantic City's 12 casinos have endured declining revenues for the past six years, and Superstorm Sandy further devastated the region, threatening the closure of one or more casino doors.

State Sen. Ray Lesniak, D-Union, estimated the casinos could gross at least $100 million annually from online gaming, with 10 percent of the revenues benefitting the state in taxes. Lesniak added that online gaming could lead to the addition of hundreds of high-paying technical jobs, as well as the opportunity to run online games for other states as they vote to permit it. He expects the bill (A2578) to appear before the Senate on December 20.

Presently, Delaware is the only state to have authorized online casino gambling, and Nevada has legalized online poker, reported But neither state has taken its first online wager.


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I wonder how this all will turn out. Only State run online casinos? How will they do it? There are many online casinos catering for the US citizen. Will they be blocked? Will they require some sort of license in order to operate? Very interesting to see what will happen.