Fond du Lac Band Wins Dispute With Duluth Over Profit-Sharing Payments


The Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa does not have to pay Duluth, Minnesota an estimated $12.4 million in casino revenue back payments from 2009-2011 for its downtown Fond-du-Luth Casino, ruled the Eighth Circuit court of Appeals, reversing a lower court's decision.

“Obviously, we are quite pleased with the ruling,” Chairwoman Karen Diver told The Duluth News Tribune.

The determination releases the tribe's previous obligation to share 19 percent of slot machine revenues from the Fond-du-Luth Casino.

But Mayor Don Ness called the decision "devastating." In the next 14 days, the city plans to ask a full panel of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, not just the three judges who attended yesterday, to re-hear the case.

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This is great news! It always killed me to hear how indeginous should "pay thier fair share" when the casinos started rolling out and finally turning a profit; What crap! How coul/would that possibly be fair?! Oppress whole races and nations of people to just shy of total anihilation(the ones that were lucky anyway!!), then give them thier soveriegnty back and expect a cut in return?? They'll just never get it...