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Chaske Spencer is the Master of Ceremonies at NMAI's Inaugural Ball

NMAI Celebrates With Inaugural Ball


Today many Americans across the nation will celebrate the inauguration of President Barack Obama. The National Museum of the American Indians (NMAI) will join in the celebration by hosting one of tonight’s hottest events, the Native Nations Inaugural Ball.

Starting tonight at 7pm at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indians in Washington, D.C. with the United States Capitol building mere blocks away, the museum is the “perfect location to mark this historic event and to highlight the self-determination of Native nations,” according to the NMAI website.

The black tie or traditional dress affair will have Twilight actor, Chaske Spencer at the helm as the Master of Ceremonies.

Tonight’s festivities will include an incredible menu featuring authentic Native American cuisine and live performances from the Murray Porter Band, 
Martha Redbone, Crystal Shawanda, DJ Kiss Zuni
, 1491s
, Gabriel Ayala
, Gerry Barrett, and The Grascals.

This event is not only a spectacle to commemorate today’s presidential inauguration but a charitable cause as well; funds raised tonight will support NMAI’s educational programs that help correct misinterpretations about Native history.

For more information about tonight’s event, click here.

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We are extremely proud to have had the Society of American Indian Dentists leadership Dr. Ruth Bol, President and Dr. Winifred Booker, Vice President attend this memorable event!