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Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez with On Native Ground Senior Reporter Braunwyn Walsh

Sundance 2013: Robert Rodriguez Interviewed by On Native Ground


The On Native Ground crew keeps up the stellar work at Sundance -- yesterday we brought you a video interview with Anita Hill; this time around it's Robert Rodriguez talking shop with Senior Correspondent Braunwyn Walsh. Rodriguez is an auteur who rose to prominence with El Mariachi and its sequel/remake Desperado. He went on to team with Quentin Tarantino for Grindhouse and comic-book noir master Frank Miller for Sin City; most recently he's done Machete and Machete Lives, the film he's promoting at Sundance. There's certainly a Rodriguez style of filmmaking and preferred genre -- Rodriguez admits as much early in the interview with Walsh. "I've been making the same movie for 20 years," he tells Walsh, only half-joking. "Guy walks into town, gets beat up, leaves town."

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