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Sally Jewell to be named Interior Secretary

Sally Jewell to Be Named Interior Secretary



President Barack Obama may ease some tensions later today as he is expected to announce Sally Jewell as Interior Secretary, replacing Ken Salazar who will leave at the end of March, according to USA Today.

As the Huffington Post reports, Jewell is the first woman added to Obama’s second-term Cabinet nominees.

Jewell is the president and chief executive officer of Recreational Equipment, Inc., an outdoors company known as REI, who has commercial banking experience, as well as engineering experience working for Mobil Oil Corporation.

Obama is expected to make the announcement later today.

More to follow.

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James Browneagle's picture
James Browneagle
Submitted by James Browneagle on
Obama's made his pick, another of the Republican gate keepers as the Secretary of Interior who's only goal is to keep tribes from asserting their aboriginal rights & Environmental Justice, while allowing more and more Business Corporations to profit from the U.S. Natural Resources, and allowing Yupi wilderness groups to trample over and disrespect our many Sacred Sites located within the Interior Lands! She will automatically endorse approval for the XL Pipeline!! "All My Relations"

wanda pengely's picture
wanda pengely
Submitted by wanda pengely on
I will be watching and I am thankful that more ladies are filling these position. Good luck and congratuations sincerely,wanda pengely

PL's picture
Submitted by PL on
.....really disappointment in the Pres. choice. No experience with Indian cultures, clean energy, wildlife and public lands preservation , or stewardship of our natural resources except in the commercial trade of oil and retail businesses. The President overlooked the people's choice, Rep. Grijalva.