Some of the thousands of cutouts used to make the video for Samantha Crain's 'Never Going Back'

Samantha Crain's Innovative Video for 'Never Going Back'


Samantha Crain, Choctaw, releases her third studio album, Kid Face, today, and the video for the first single, "Never Going Back," recently premiered online to rave reviews from Spin.

Music-buzz site MTV Hive also gave Crain the stamp of approval, profiling her in a flattering piece called "Five Reasons You Should Know Samantha Crain."

To make the video for "Never Going Back," the directing team of LAMAR+NIK filmed Crain performing—then printed out every frame. In all, they had more than 3,800 images (most of which they cut into silhouettes) that they arranged in sequence and filmed with a camera on wheels. The net effect is that of a flipbook, but a flipbook unlike any you're likely to have seen. "In essence, the video is basically a 3D version of a film strip laid out on the ground," the directors said in a statement. "In a way, it reflects Samantha's classical charm. We felt that taking a simple concept and making it great would be the best way to accentuate the music. Although the task was laborious, we're pretty pleased with the end result."

As for the music, Spin had high praise: "The song is a tightly constructed package of purty folk complimented by those rustic strings and her lovely pipes, which sport just enough grit to match her tale of moving on to greener pastures."

Kid Face, produced by John Vanderslice (noted for his work with Spoon and The Mountain Goats), drops today, February 19. For more information, visit

Here's a look at the work that went into the clip, from LAMAR+NIK:

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