Gray wolves

Animal Welfare Groups Sue to Protect Wolves in Three States


Tired of seeing wolves make a comeback off the endangered list only to be hunted, several groups, including the Humane Society of the United States, have sued the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and its parent agency, the U.S. Department of the Interior to get gray wolves back on the protected list.

The lawsuit charges that allowing wolves to be hunted in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan undermines and could even jeopardize the animals’ resurgence, the very thing that protected status was trying to create. Born Free USA, Help Our Wolves Live and Friends of Animals and Their Environment are the other animal welfare groups acting as plaintiffs, the Associated Press reported.

"In the short time since federal protections have been removed, trophy hunters and trappers have killed hundreds of Great Lakes wolves under hostile state management programs that encourage dramatic reductions in wolf populations," said Jonathan Lovvorn, the humane society’s chief counsel for animal protection litigation, in a statement. "This decision rolls back the only line of defense for wolf populations, and paves the way for the same state-sponsored eradication policies that pushed this species to the brink of extinction in the first place.”

Environmental advocates are also suing in Wyoming in a separate lawsuit aiming to restore federal protections, the AP said.

The fate of wolves is hotly contested in Midwestern and western U.S. states. The animals have been protected back into survival and increased their numbers, only to be hunted down and killed when they get in the way of livestock. Most notoriously in recent months was the killing of the Wedge pack of wolves in Washington State, which caused public outcry.

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Rayleen Gaudet Nunez's picture
Rayleen Gaudet Nunez
Submitted by Rayleen Gaudet Nunez on
Finally! Our wolf brothers will be protected again! It is deplorable that so many wolves have been killed in the last two years before this outcry has taken place.

warrior1216's picture
Submitted by warrior1216 on
As Native Peoples, knowing that we are caretakers of our MOTHER EARTH and all of creation we need to do whatever we possibly can to protect our brother WOLF! The European mindset has always been to dominate ALL, that ALL is put on this Earth by thier God, FOR THEM ONLY to do whatever they wish, for whatever reasons they make up, to justify their actions. Our brother WOLF is suffering the same fate perpetrated against us, for the White mans pleasure.They have always placed greed and profit above all else. If the White man could figure out how to continue on, they would kill and destroy all that was not of the Caucasion race. THINK FOR ONE MINUTE OF ALL THE LIFE, HUMAN AND ALL OUR RELATIONS THEY'VE DESTROYED, ALL THE NATIVE FAMILIES EXTINGUISHED FOREVER. DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE AMONT OF WEALTH MADE OFF OUR LANDS NOT TO MENTION THEIR THEFT OF, "OUR" NATURAL RESOURCES. THE MONEY THEY'VE MADE FROM THE OIL, GOLD, SILVER, IRON, COPPER, URANIUM, ETC... THIS LIST GOES ON AND ON. Could you even imagine the untold wealth stolen, what could our peoples, communities, schools, etc.. could've have done with even a very small portion of that. Our people would be totally Self-Sufficient, totally independant not having to beg and plead with states and the Feds for anything. That however would be contrary to their overall plan to break us as a people, as long as they could keep us dependant, hungry, cold, scared for our families survival, all our energy would be expended on these things and not how to resist or think of other ways to survive as a people.We ALL need to stand with our brother wolf BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!! May the Creator watch over us all!

Susan Gaswint's picture
Susan Gaswint
Submitted by Susan Gaswint on
So tired of the killing. I wish they would leave the wolves alone.