Meet Kami, a Husky/Shepherd pup available for adooption from Oglala Pet Project.

Oglala Pet Project Is Helping Rez Pets on Pine Ridge, Video


Photo by Aboriginal and Tribal Nation News

Founded in 2011 by community based volunteers at Pine Ridge who had been helping rez pets for many years, the Oglala Pet Project (OPP) helps community members and their pets through education, spay/neuter support, pet health resources, and the re-homing or networking of abandoned, abused or unwanted pets on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. OPP is a 100 percent volunteer run nonprofit organization, based in Kyle, South Dakota.

According to OPP's website, animals have played an important role in Lakota history.  Dreamcatchers also have significance and most Native Americans believe the dreamcatcher holds the destiny of the future.  Many people have a drea catcher above their bed to sift their dreams and visions. The good is captured in the web of life and carried with the people, but the evil in their dreams drops through the hole in the web and are no longer a part of their lives.  The OPP logo captures the good of our animal friends.

Are you down with OPP? Get down with OPP, help rez pets in need.

Pine Ridge is one of the poorest communities in the country, with an 85 percent unemployment rate, notes the OPP website,  an even higher alcoholism rate and some homes have no electricity or running water. Some families are overcrowded in homes caring for each other and most pets live their entire lives outside. It is our goal to work through community member volunteers to enhance the quality of life for pets through education, spay/neuter support, pet health resources, and the re-homing of abandoned, abused or unwanted pets.

To learn more about Oglala Pet Project, go to their website

To learn about pets available for adoption from the Oglala Pet Project, click here.

To learn how to volunteer/donate/shop to help the Oglala Pet Project, click here.

Find Oglala Pet Project on Facebook, here.

Meet Snoopy, a cattle dog mix puppy available for adoption at OPP. For details on Snoopy, click here.

Video: "Rescuing Paws on Pine Ridge, Part 1":

Video: "Rescuing Paws on Pine Ridge, Part 2":



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Christine Shangreaux's picture
Christine Shangreaux
Submitted by Christine Shangreaux on
I am so very happy to see this!! It has been a heart breaking thing to come home for a visit and see all the starving animals and to know there was nothing I could do. God Bless all the helpers of OPP!!

Brendon Nash's picture
Brendon Nash
Submitted by Brendon Nash on
After reading this article I can say loving and taking care of Pets is something very crucial to save them. I really love my Pets and they are now a vital part of my life. Dog is the most trusted animal that everyone knows. So, taking proper of dog is very important.