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Brian Jackson, a Cherokee Nation employee and citizen, broke a new world record, airing on a new TruTV reality show “Guinness World Records Gone Wild.”

Cherokee 'I Believe Guy' Breaks Guinness World Record on TruTV


Cherokee Nation citizen and motivational speaker Brian Jackson added another world record to his already 15 records. This time it was all while performing on TruTV’s Guinness World Records Gone Wild a reality show airing Thursdays.

Jackson blew up five hot water bottles in under a minute to set the new record in an episode that aired February 28. Jackson didn’t remember anything after the first one exploded and was shocked when host Dan Cortese counted five hot water bottles.

“Doing something no one else has done in the world is an amazing feeling,” said Jackson, of Muskogee, in a Cherokee Nation press release. “I don’t view anything as impossible.”

Jackson first got the idea of attempting to blow up hot water bottles after watching a man set the world record doing it on television. The ability to blow up long, skinny balloons used for balloon animals over the years gave him the skills to do it. Tests performed on Jackson while filming on Stan Lee’s Superhumans revealed the muscles around his lungs developed more over the years with 125 percent more air capacity and 114 percent more volume than the average person.

Jackson works for the Cherokee Nation as a school community specialist and travels to schools throughout the jurisdiction as a motivational speaker. He has broken 15 world records, including nine Guinness World Records. He has appeared on a number of television shows in the United States, Canada, Spain, Italy and other countries. He also helps organize world record attempts using students at the schools.

In 2011, he helped students at Skiatook Public Schools set the world record for most people doing fist bumps at 1,820. This year Jackson will travel to Bluejacket, Ketchum, Hulbert and Sequoyah schools to attempt world records with their students. Jackson admits his record attempts are not always successful. On season six of NBC’s America’s Got Talent his attempt to blow up water bottles went awry. He now uses the experience to tell students not to give up.

“Your goals and dreams come at a price. I’m not meaning a bad price, but are you willing to do what it takes to get yourself there?” Jackson said in the release. “I know I have not broken every record I have tried, but I love trying.”

To reach Jackson or find out more about his motivational work call 918-453-5000, ext. 6719 or e-mail

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