Native American Women of California Requests Your Vote for $10K Grant to Fund Wellbriety Program


This March in honor of Women's History Month, the Women's Foundation of California is opening up its grant-making decision to the public to decide the organization making the biggest difference for women, girls and families.

The California-based organization that receives the most votes for the People's Momentum Award,, by March 28 at noon will be awarded $10,000 by the Women's Foundation. (You do not need to live in California or be Native to vote.)

Among the organizations hoping to win is the nonprofit the Native American Women of California (NAWC).  NAWC supports the preservation of rich cultural traditions and empowering women from all nations.

If NAWC receives 2,500 votes to win the $10,000 grant, it will use the funds for a "much-needed" Domestic Violence and Youth White Bison Wellbriety Program for its community. 

The mission of NAWC is to help Native American women and girls embrace their Indian identity and lead fulfilling lives. The NAWC website states:

Young girls, for one reason or another who do not develop a traditional bond of belonging, may experience a hole in the center of her being. This hole may trigger restlessness in her heart throughout life. Something missing until she finds her place, her people and her traditional sisters.  Women can find this sense of belonging when they realize they belong to the Great Spirit and live the way He intended for all human beings to live. When women understand this, they understand they have the power to strengthen families, communities and native nations. Girls turn into young women who become the mothers and grandmothers that teach the children from infants TRUTH: self-respect, respect for others, culture and traditions.

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Rene'e Conner's picture
Rene'e Conner
Submitted by Rene'e Conner on
I will be honored to vote for NAWC and hope you get the 2,500 votes that are needed.....A sister, Rene'e Conner from Crow Creek Tribe in So. Dak.....

Salam's picture
Submitted by Salam on
Dear R GurungThank you very much for your commment reinrdgag the Charity dinner. We reapect everyone views.We all know what is the value of money and what can be happened if we misuse it. In this mordern world we are very concious of money, however this is the only little contribution from ours side just to show little generousity towards ours village. It doesn't mean any thing to our village school comparing with the contribution made by the Japanese prefesor Ozawa towards our village education,its something like tip a drop of water in the sea. If you think our school is wealthy enough to stand on its own feet than what will happen in the case of natural disarter or mankind error, it is therefore we have to think about the contigences meansures. If you are well prepared for it then at the end of the day you will find it easy to cope with such kind of situation. Recently Mr Jodha bahadur Gurung and Cpt Bhuwansing Gurung made huge contrbution towards development of village education. I think development is not a love history but its a long lasting proccess.Thank y0u