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The NBA is next for Siva.

Rez Ball, Meet Indigenous Ball: That Other Louisville Team Is in Good Hands With Peyton Siva, Samoan


In case you didn't hear, and it would be understandable, the other Louisville Cardinals basketball team had quite a night April 8: the men's team beat the Michigan Wolverines to win the national title, 82-76, in Atlanta.

Leading the way for the Cardinals men was point guard Peyton Siva, of Samoan descent. Despite a tough upbringing in Seattle, the 6'0" senior has persevered--no, excelled--using sports as a way to escape the mean streets and build a better life for himself and his family. He's also helped many other kids from his neighborhood get a chance to succeed.

In the championship game Monday Siva had an awesome line: 18 points, six rebounds, five assists, four steals. Under his guidance, Louisville won its 17th straight game, closing out an incredible year. Now, it's time for him to  graduate and then move on to the NBA.

To get to know him better, here are a few things you should know about the young phenom.

Favorite actor: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (And he likes the Rock to play him in a movie)

Something few people know about him: He's Samoan

What he's most proud of: His family, "for everything they've overcome"

Read more about Siva here, his official U of L bio. Samoa News Online had a nice feature on him in 2011, which you can read here. And keep an eye out for him in the NBA next year.

Until then, watch high-school Siva dunk--over and over in this video:




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