Warriors from the Pacific island of Nukunonu, Tokelau dance to draw attention to climate change.

Pacific Islanders Hold Warrior Dance Day of Action to Highlight Climate Change Effects


“We are not drowning. We are fighting.”

With this clarion call, Indigenous Peoples from 15 Pacific Island nations and territories pulled together for a Warrior Dance Day of Action in early March to send the world a message on climate change. Island nations are some of the most severely affected by the effects of climate change as ocean levels rise and water encroaches on their already small territories. (Related: Arctic and Small Islands Fight Climate Change)

These Indigenous Peoples held warrior dances all across the islands on March 2. Here is their message, followed by video of some of the dances.

Our Challenge to the World

We, the people of the Pacific, spread over hundreds of islands stand united by the Pacific Ocean that connects us. Our Warrior dance and chants are to express ourselves and tell the world that we also exist.

We will continue to fight for our land, our existence, and our identity that is threatened by the impacts of climate change. We will never give up to climate change.

The world needs to hear the voices of our people! It's 100% Possible for us to be heard.

"This is our message to the world that we stand in solidarity against the unwelcomed global reality that is climate change. We understand that the climate crisis is claiming our livelihoods but we will be silent no more. No longer will we act as the victims."

Above, their words. Below, some of their actions.

This preview of the event, which was organized by 350.org, features warriors from Nukunonu, Tokelau

350Fiji Maroroi Vuravura (Protect the Earth)

Vanuatu Warrior Dance, Part 1

Vanuatu Warrior Dance, Part 2

Vanuatu Warrior Dance, Part 3

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sandra olansky
Submitted by sandra olansky on
I hope the powers that be, listen!! stop the fossil fuels.. very beautiful dancing.