Santa Fe Indian Market
More than 150,000 visitors enjoy the Santa Fe Indian Market every summer, including lots of tiny tots.

Save the Dates: 92nd Annual Santa Fe Indian Market


The Southwestern Association for Indian Arts (SWAIA) will celebrate its 92nd annual Santa Fe Indian Market the week of August 12-18. This spectacular festival brings more than 150,000 people to Santa Fe every August with its unique, exciting and inspiring events.

From families with young children to avid art collectors, Santa Fe Indian Market attracts visitors from all walks of life. Indian Market Weekend encompasses a broad range of events and activities, including a children’s art activity tent, family friendly film screenings, a Native American clothing contest, and traditional Native dance performances.

Nativo Artist Room Project - Ehren Kay Natay (Santa Fe Indian Market)

The children’s activity tent is free and art materials are provided. The tent, which is open all weekend, provides children with the opportunity to learn about Native art and watch artist demonstrations. Children will have the opportunity to make their own Native American art. Activities for ages 5 -18 include painting and pottery. Families can learn about Native art and culture by having the unique opportunity to talk directly with artists at their booths and get up close and personal with beautiful artwork. Children will be delighted to see the artwork by the many youth artists who share booths with their parents.

Kids basketweaving at the market.

The 2013 Santa Fe Indian Market and Indian Market Week will provide a culturally and artistically enriching experience for visitors, whether they are visiting the market for the first time or back to celebrate year after year.

SWAIA is an advocate for Native American arts and cultures and creates economic and cultural opportunities for Native American artists by producing and promoting Santa Fe Indian Market Week, the finest Native American art and cultural event in the world; cultivating excellence and innovation across traditional and non-traditional art forms; and developing programs and events that support, promote, and honor Native artists year-round. SWAIA is a non-profit organization, and keeps no portion of the sales made by artists during Santa Fe Indian Market Week.

For more info about SWAIA and the Indian Market, e-mail or phone 505-983-5220.

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UsedToGo's picture
Submitted by UsedToGo on
I used to go to the Santa Fe Indian Market regularly. While it has doubled in size in the last decade or more, it has not gotten better, but the opposite. The same artists are in the same spots, basically with the same art. I have seen more than a few with the same design every year. I understand, the bottom line is funds for the event and promoting Indian art, but what about us who try to collect? Then there is the whole flea market atmosphere that hangs over the entire event, but that another story. I have moved to collecting on-line these days and try to deal direct with the artists for a few reasons, mainly avoiding the standard 100% mark-up of retail. I do hope someday, the club that runs the market will someday see where it just too big and too many artists.