Walk for Wolves to Protect All Wolf Species


Tomorrow, April 26, and/or Saturday, April 27, you can join in a new effort to "howl together as one unified voice to protect all wolf species throughout the United States." 

The organization Walk for Wolves was created to raise awareness about the extreme threats affecting the wolf population throught the U.S. Those concerned about wolves and wishing to do something about their situation can walk in one of the dozens of events scheduled for April 26 and 27.

To learn more about Walk for Wolves, click here.

To find a Walk near you, click here.

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Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
I've always likened the White man's hatred of wolves to their hatred of Indians. Their policies regarding the wolf was very similar to their policies regarding Indians: extermination. When wolves are returned to the wild, we are one step closer to nature as the Creator intended. It's ironic that wolves faced discinction, especially at the hands of politicians who claim their "family values" as important.

Pavleta's picture
Submitted by Pavleta on
*Howls...* Let this stop! Cruel people out there hurting these beautiful natured animals. They need to realize; "What if it was them being hunted or w/e?" I don't think they would like it. Just because you jerks out there think they don't have souls doesn't mean you should go off killing wolves or other creatures just for money. Go do something that doesn't involve killing natured species and earn money by that. Think about it...