Project Runway runner-up Patricia Michaels with Natalie Portman

Star-spotting at GON: Natalie Portman, Patricia Michaels


The video greeting by Johnny Depp gave the 2013 Gathering of Nations a touch of Hollywood flair, but unbeknownst to many attendees another major movie star was actually on site.

Natalie Portman paid a low-profile visit the massive pow wow accompanied by Project Runway runner-up Patricia Michaels, Taos Pueblo. The caption to a photo posted to Patricia Michaels' Facebook page noted that the famous designer "was so honored to watch Grand Entry with Natalie & her beautiful family!" Portman was in the neighborhood, so to speak, being in New Mexico to film the western Jane Got a Gun.

Amber-Dawn Bear Robe, Natalie Portman, and Chris Eyre. Source:

Portman was also escorted by director Chris Eyre, Cheyenne and Arapaho, as she paid a visit to the Miss Indian World contestants. "Those girls were shocked when she walk in the room, in a good way," Eyre wrote on his Facebook page. "They all took pxs n one contestant gave her the necklace." 

Miss Indian Nations hopeful Brittany Clause, Cayuga, seized the chance to get a candid photo with the V for Vendetta, Black Swan, and Star Wars star. As she posted to her Twitter feed:

"Met Natalie Portman!! So awesome to meet one of my favorite Oscar Award Winning Actress!"

Natalie Portman and Brittany Clause. Source:

For Clause, it was one of several highlights from Gathering of Nations 2013. She also won the award for Best Dancer and was the overall First Runner-up.

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