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This Feb. 7, 2012 photo shows a cross on a grave at the Wounded Knee National Historic landmark in South Dakota.

Wounded Knee Historic Site Now for Sale on the Open Market

Vincent Schilling


The May 1 deadline came and went without a word from the Oglala Sioux Tribe, so James Czywczynski, who owns the site of the Wounded Knee massacre, has put the land on the open market.

“They had until today; the deadline was May 1 to come up with the money. Now we have put it on the open market nationally and internationally. It is just unfortunate,” Czywczynski said.

“I gave the tribe 30 years and five months to buy this property, and it isn't as if they didn't have the money, they could have done a bond issue—I have a friend who could have done a bond issue for them,” he said.

“If they would just have taken $250,000 to $1 million, they could have bought that property and owned it today. But, for some reason, they cannot see economic development and they cannot see tourism and they cannot relate. They want everything for free is what it amounts to I guess,” he said.

Though Czywczynski says he has not yet sold the property, he has had many interested parties contact him.

“We are already getting a flock of calls from people including realtors… a local one in South Dakota that has a woman who wants to buy the land and give it to the Oglala Sioux,” he said.

Czywczynski says he would welcome anyone who wants to purchase the land and then give it to the tribe. “I would be glad to have that happen. Somebody from Al Jazeera might buy it too, or some foreign country. This is worldwide now.”

Czywczynski says he has given the tribe ample opportunities to buy the land and was disappointed that he didn’t hear from them today.

“It isn't as though I didn't give them enough time, the prior president served for six terms—I wrote him letters for 12 years and told him they should buy this. The price was even less than it is today,” he said.

Since posting the site on the open market, Czywczynski has received inquiries from several interested parties including two who are allegedly working in the name of the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

Czywczynski’s asking price for the Wounded Knee site as well as one other parcel near Porcupine Butte for $4.9 million. The Associated Press has reported that each parcel has been appraised at $7,000 each.

The Oglala Sioux Tribe has yet to release any statement.

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fran s's picture
fran s
Submitted by fran s on
Oklahoma is a joke look who took over. How will you fund this project, with energy money oil investors.

Pertti Veijalainen's picture
Pertti Veijalainen
Submitted by Pertti Veijalainen on
The difference between appraised price and the bid is staggering. How complicated is the process of declaring the Wounded Knee a National Monument?

Nespahwyn's picture
Submitted by Nespahwyn on
This is not going to happen, end of your story and the begining of ours. The future is here and time is up for all human beings that challenge Great Mystries law.

C. Carpenter.'s picture
C. Carpenter.
Submitted by C. Carpenter. on
This guy is a despicable human being. If he wants to see the land go back to the PEOPLE, then why doesn't he give it to them? Or at least sell it to them at Market value? He wants to profit, and not just a little, from a place where an atrocity happened and which should have been a National Memorial a long time ago. May their Spirits haunt him for the rest of his days......

Gene Landrum PhQ Quantum Theory's picture
Gene Landrum Ph...
Submitted by Gene Landrum Ph... on
Money Talks, and Indians Walk, is a way of of saying, give money to the 'European Race' whom did not pay for it in the first place; First Land Holders' of the World Land now called, North American Continent was occupied when the 'New World' was discovered! Remember? If it had been 'vacant' of Humans this story about 'who owns what' would not be repeated, as what this land 'Grab Story' is about. BIA, take this Land into a 'Indian Trust' for all Tribes, on the Whole Continent e! Impossible, I know, but 'wishful' thinking, is all we have, to fight the unrighteous, currently in charge. We as 'Natives' can never go back to before 1492! What we can do is 'save' some of the Land that was here before 1492, for future, Natives to be remembered! "Native Lands National Monument' in honor of all Land Holders before the A.D. 1400! This statement is my opinion and I approve of it! Dr Gene n Landrum, PhQ Quantum Theory of Everything. Mixed Breed, and proud of it!

Submitted by MILES BLACKBEAR on

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on

Mike's picture
Submitted by Mike on
Wounded Knee is Sacred Land , should be treated as so also, Makes me mad to see people saying they just want it for free. Look who took the land , Look who made Wounded Knee what it is. I pray the land stays with the Oglala Sioux Nation, which was there's to begin with. Looking at what Czywczynski is wanting for it, brings a tear to my eye. Do you realize your selling a Burial Ground, your selling people's ancestors to them,why should they buy it. Are you gonna take that money and buy another cemetery? I once heard " How can someone sell the land in which people walk upon?" I ask How can some one sell the land in which people's ancestors are IN ? A'Ho Mitakaye Oyasin

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
They also received a one billion dollar settlement ~ time to buy it today~money does not matter right?

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
All these treaties, and now called state compacts are a joke. Remember the Lakotas did not ask to be in such a massacre. Its just another episode to the injustice of Native peoples. As a native in Idaho i come from along line of chiefs, and soon as they found natural resources of value they relocated our rez. The story of wounded knee is heart wrenching for any native to understand. If anytime the Federal Government should intervene is now. They should give it back to the tribe, charge no tax, and remember the battle as something that should have never occurred in the first place. THATS WHY THERE WAS AN UPRISING IN THE 70's. They may take our land, but they will never break our spirits!! Stay sTRONG INDIGENOUS PEOPLE!!! Shot out to my AIM brothers thanks for keep it real, when everyone else was shitten themselves.

Joan Nassar's picture
Joan Nassar
Submitted by Joan Nassar on
Why would somebody want to sale such a historical site as that. That's like selling your grandmothers grave all for money. And the Indians should get together and save that site. you don't want everything to be sold for money.that will be one more of the native history gone. Out of site out of mind.Joan longwind Nassar

Raymond Freeland's picture
Raymond Freeland
Submitted by Raymond Freeland on
It would be a shme to lose this land. I want to say souch but can noy bring myself to do so. I fthe land is laos the custard is last

Jan 's picture
Submitted by Jan on
did I read that right? He is asking for 4.9 million when the appraisal for both is only 14,000???? Does the appraisal include historic value? No wonder the tribe did not jump at this offer. It would be so sad for this historic site to be owned by anyone other than the Sioux, but the price feels like stealing from the tribe.

Albrit's picture
Submitted by Albrit on
Why in the Hell can the U.S. government think of selling Land to " Native Americans" when the land belongs with the tribes that fought and died trying to keep them in the 1st place? ! ? ! ? ===

AlBrit's picture
Submitted by AlBrit on
How did a man of what sounds like Polish descent come to OWN land that has belonged to the Souix for generations in the 1st place?, is what I'd like to know ....

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
Love of money is the root of all evil. Czywczynski it is shameful that you would want to sell this land back to the Lakota for any price. If it were possible, the whole prairie should be given back. If you haven't already you should read "Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee." It makes me ashamed that these people were cheated by over and over again by white men. Although what's done can't be undone, you don't need to offend them once again by trying to sell to the Lakota what should already be theirs. Give it back, its a scared spot. By trying to sell it at inflated values you are no better than one of the soldiers who shot women and children at this spot in 1890.

Berit's picture
Submitted by Berit on
I'am german and I can't believe, that the Unitet states of America had no pride to stand for their failures and buy this land for the realistic land price and declare it to a national Monument or something like that? Where are the petitions from the american people to their gouvernement about this shameful offer from the so called landowner Czywczynski ?

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
Some things are not meant to be sold or placed for sale at any monetary price.. What about a Historical Society or National Landmark intervention, before something horrible happens such as a shopping mall etc.... is placed on this immeasurable important land in our history. Must we destroy everything sacred for the sake of money..

Jo-Ann Blanco-Russell's picture
Jo-Ann Blanco-R...
Submitted by Jo-Ann Blanco-R... on
Why do they have to pay for what is rightfully theirs? If we owned the land that Arlington is on, would you pay for it? You are dealing with tribal people who perhaps do not fully understand that this could happen. Own up and give it up. They are more deserving than you are.

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
The Ogalala Sioux Tribe must take the land back regardless of the price. Or, another N.A. tribe must then purchase the land.