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Barbara and Bazzy together at last

Oklahoma Tornado Survivor Reunites With Missing Dog During Live Interview


There was no Oz for Barbara Garcia to land in after Monday’s devastating tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. But "Toto" did make it through.

As Garcia huddled in her bathroom, clutching her dog, the winds ripped them apart. She survived the devastating tornado that ripped through the state, killing at least 24 others and decimating the Oklahoma City suburb. But she was not sure her dog, Bazzy, had been as lucky.

Garcia told CBS News that she was holding her dog in her lap when the storm hit. As the winds tore down the walls of her home, the two were separated.

As Garcia described the horrific event amid the massive rubble that was once her home and neighborhood, a reporter from off camera located Bazzy—alive and seemingly unharmed—under a nearby pile of debris.

"Well, I got God to answer one prayer to let me be okay, but he answered both of them, because this was my second prayer," Garcia said.

Watch the tear-jerking reunion here:

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Ronald M courser
Submitted by Ronald M courser on
WOW now that was a tear jerking moment,I smiled and tears also swelled up when i saw the dog