(David Gilkey/NPR)
Wales, Alaska has a population of about 150, including about a dozen veterans. The hunting and fishing village is cut off, other than by aircraft, all winter long until the ice breaks up on the Bering Strait.

NPR: Searching For Veterans on Alaska's Remote Edges


A day after fallen service members were remembered and honored on Memorial Day, NPR's Morning Edition took a fascinating look at the veterans of Alaska, and how the VA is attempting to reach out to them in some of the most remote places on Earth.

"Alaska has the highest proportion of veterans that serve," Dr. Tommy Sowers, assistant secretary of Veterans Affairs for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs, said. "And in these tribal communities they have an incredibly high percent of folks that served. But even here (remote Wales, Alaska) in a town of 152 people, when we had a veterans gathering, not all of the veterans showed."

Kelly Anungazuk, 61, served in the U.S. Army from 1970-73. (David Gilkey/NPR)

To read the full NPR story, click here. That site also has a podcast of the Morning Edition broadcast available to listen to, as well as a photo gallery of powerful portraits like the one above by NPR photographer David Gilkey.

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