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41st Annual UC Davis Powwow

Pow Wow Celebrates the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas: Photos

The campus of the University of California, Davis was pulsing with the spirited sounds and sights of Indian country on April 13 as more than 1,000 dancers gathered for the 41st Annual UC Davis Powwow, the single largest annual gathering of Native peoples on the school’s grounds. Sponsored by the Cross Cultural Center and the Native American Student Union, the event celebrates the traditions and contributions of indigenous cultures.
Ladies Northern Traditional dance (Paula Beehner/ )
The pow wow creates a space on campus for Native music and dance, Native voices, Native art and Native culture to be vibrant and visible. Opportunities are provided for the campus and local Native communities to build connections and address social, cultural, historical and political issues facing the Native American community. Moreover, this major event on the pow wow trail educates the campus and larger community about the diverse cultural elements that comprise and contribute to our society.
Young dancers (Paula Beehner/
The MC was Thomas Phillips, and Art Martinez served as arena director. Young Chief was the host northern drum and Red Horse the host southern drum.
Head man dancer, Loren Pancho (Paula Beehner/ )
(Paula Beehner/ )
(Paula Beehner/

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Would be nice to see Native American - African American pow wow. There are plenty African Americans that know the African dances and customs. They perform regularly. I think it would draw a huge crowd. It would be once a year event. Just thinking