Martin Sheen Teaches Acting to Navajo Youth in Shiprock


Actor Martin Sheen is currently at the 2013 Native Vision Sports and Life Skills camp taking place in Shiprock, New Mexico. Sheen is there to teach acting and participate in a collection of skits, under the rubric of "The Navajo News," in a session that begins at 6:30 pm on Monday.

Native Vision is run by the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health, with cooperation from the NFL Players Association. Sheen got involved with the program through the Center's director, Dr. Mathu Santosham. The doctor's son, an actor who will appear in Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain, to be released later in 2013, will also be on hand at the camp in Shiprock.

Earlier this year, Sheen delivered the keynote address at the Native Vision gala. “As a nation, we’ve really forgotten about our Native-American population," he said in an address which can be seen in the video clip below. "Our citizens on the reservation have been totally neglected for so very long that we’re unaware of them.”

Shen's involvement with Native Vision represents the second time in recent memory that he has used his clout as an entertainer to advocate for a Native cause. He served as the narrator for the 2011 documentary Holy Man: The U.S.A. v. Douglas White, which tells the horrifying story of a Lakota medicine man wrongfully jailed for a sexual assault he did not commit.

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Rev. Blair Rowell's picture
Rev. Blair Rowell
Submitted by Rev. Blair Rowell on
I really like what he has been doing with supporting the Navajo Nation. We have much to learn from them as well. Author, Tony Hillerman, was honored by the Nation for his respectfull treatment of Navajo and other native traditions in his mystery novels built around the Nations culture and tribes.

Donn Clark's picture
Donn Clark
Submitted by Donn Clark on
Martin Sheen could have use his time doing things for himself, continuing his career, promote only for his gain, but instead, takes time to see what he can do for others in the world and in this case, American Indian children. Thank you Martin Sheen you are regarded as warrior.

Debbie Towey's picture
Debbie Towey
Submitted by Debbie Towey on
I really like this video he is a great teacher for me I am not good at sports any more my problem is I have no strength in my right shoulder I need some help from him please and I really want to meet him really bad