Campbell, lying on the ice, blocked a slap shot on a Pens power play that broke his right fibula, but he got back to his feet and helped kill off another 40 seconds of the Pittsburgh man advantage.

Video: Hockey Players Are TOUGH: Boston Bruin Plays on Broken Leg


After blocking a slap shot that broke his leg, Boston Bruins gritty fourth-liner Gregory Campbell struggled to his feet and continued to kill a Pittsburgh Penguins power play during last night's Game 3 playoff game in Beantown. Hockey players are known for playing injured, giving everything they've got, during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. But this was really something.

The Bruins confirmed this morning that Campbell's fibula was broken, but it was painfully clear to everyone last night that the forward was in tremendous distress even as he continued to circle on his good leg, swinging his stick and positioning his body to block passing lanes and deny the Pens good shooting chances. This went on for more than 40 seconds, before the Bruins could clear the puck. The Pens did not score with the man advantage.

The fans chanted Campbell's in honor as the skater limped to the bench. He couldn't return to the game, won by the Bruins 2-1 in a second overtime, and will miss the rest of the playoffs.

"What he went through showed a lot of guts," Bruins coach Claude Julien said after the game, in something of an understatement. "It was a pretty serious injury."

Watch Campbell in action last night here:

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Contrast this to say a Habs player that would probably stay down on the ice if he had something as simple as a hang nail that was acting up on him.