Another New York High School Will Drop Redskins Nickname and Mascot


For at least 40 years, New York state's Canisteo-Greenwood High School has been known as the Redskins, with a Native mascot to accompany the nickname. But that's all about to change.

Students and boosters met at the school, in Canisteo, New York, June 6 with with interim Superintendent Charles H. Clemens and High School Principal Michael Wright to discuss what they might replace Redskins with. Although no substitute  has been decided on yet, it is certain that the offensive "redskins" is out. "The district will not “keep the Redskins name” or symbol, Clemens said, according to the Hornell, New York Evening Tribune.

The superintendent added he has “had conversations about the issue with board of education members, and they are in agreement with the change.”

The Canisteo school's move follows the recent action by Cooperstown High School, in Cooperstown, New York, to drop its redskins nickname and mascot. 

According to the Evening Tribune, the Canisteo-Greenwood effort began when an official from the New York State Office of Native American Services called former Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey A. Matteson last month. Matteson told Clemens the state worker claimed only three New York State school districts use the term Redskins for team mascots.

Canisteo-Greenwood “doesn’t want to be the last school district in New York State with that name,” the official told Matteson, according to Clemens.

The Other Redskins, a research project of the Capital News Service, confirms that there are three high schools in New York state still using the nickname redskins, if Canisteo-Greenwood is included. The other two are Lancaster High in Lancaster and Oriskany High in Oriskany.

A Canisteo-Greenood school board meeting at 6 p.m. Monday, July 8, in the high school auditorium will be open for public comments, Wright said.

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aiahninchi ohoyo's picture
aiahninchi ohoyo
Submitted by aiahninchi ohoyo on
there is a god only been working on this problem since the 1970's every change is a victory

Nathan Booth's picture
Nathan Booth
Submitted by Nathan Booth on
This is not true... it was decided on the board meeting in canisteo on monday june 10 that the name will not be changed until the community wants a change...charlie Clemens is lying to the media!