Thunderbird American Indian Dancers

Six Hoop Dance Videos You Need to See


If you're headed to the spectacular Red Earth Native American Culural Festival this weekend in Oklahoma City, you're sure to have an amazing time. The dance competitions today through Sunday, for example, will feature some of the best American Indian dancers in the country. One dance not offered is Hoop, though, so ICTMN wanted to jump in and provide a whirlwind of six hoop dancing videos that you really need to see.

1. Here is Derrick Suwaima Davis, Hopi/Choctaw, the 2013 Heard Museum World Hoop Dance Championpships winner.

2. And the incredible Tony Duncan, Apache/Arikara/Mandan, at the Heard.

3. This short performance by Eric Hernandez, Lumbee, who stars as a hoop dancer in the traveling Cirque du Soleil Totem production, will leave you wanting much more.

4. Here's the original Totem hoop dancer, Nakotah LaRance, in the video for "Geronimo" by The Knocks & Fred Falke.

5. Nakotah LaRance is a six-time world hoop dance champion.

6. Finally, this performance by the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers will get you going for weekend.

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Nanchy's picture
Submitted by Nanchy on
Awesome! Thank you for sharing this amazing talent and beautiful dances.

Jane Maas's picture
Jane Maas
Submitted by Jane Maas on
I have always enjoyed watching the hoop dance and these are all fine examples. Whatever happened to Thirza DeFoe? ( Ojibwe ... From Wisconnsin )?

Marion I. Lipshutz
Marion I. Lipshutz
Submitted by Marion I. Lipshutz on