All Blacks doing a Haka.

Four Maori Haka War Dance Videos You Must See


The All Blacks, New Zealand's seemingly invincible national rugby team, won today in a test at Eden Park versus France, 23-13. The "shaky" win, by All Blacks standards, was the opening match of the Steinlager Series. Prior to the match, as is their tradition, the All Blacks squad performed a Haka, a traditional Maori war dance, to honor the Indigenous Peoples.

Watch the Haka here:

And here are links to three more videos you won't want to miss.

Video: A Stirring Haka, the Maori Ancestral War Cry

Video: A Moving Maori War Cry Farewell at Soldiers' Funeral in New Zealand Goes Viral

Video: New Zealand Black Sox Perform Maori Haka Before ISF World Softball Championships Game

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At Jefferson High School in Portland, OR, a few years ago, there were a few Maori's on the football team. All of the team (including whites, blacks, the whole entire team) would perform the Haka War Cry before every game. The other teams wanted it stopped. It made them feel "uneasy" shall we say. Jefferson took the Championship that year & every year they were allowed to do the Haka War Cry. It was great!!! Really enjoyed it.