(Oklahoma Federation of Indian Women OFIW/Facebook)
Royalty at Red Earth Grand Entry

Five Videos to Make You Feel Like You're at Red Earth Festival


Oklahoma City will again be pulsing with the vibrant sights and sounds of the Red Earth Native American Cultural Festival, the grand celebration of Indigenous Peoples cultures, today, June 9. For those who can't attend, here are five videos from action held at the Cox Convention Center the last two days to give you a taste of the wonderful dancing, drumming and regalia on hand.

One: Grand Entry at Red Earth

Two: Dancing at Red Earth

Three: Tiny tots dancing at Red Earth

Four: Fancy dancing at Red Earth

Five: Dancing and drumming at Red Earth

And don't forget about the art at Red Earth. Here's ledger art by Dylan Cavin that was available for purchase. (For more information about Calvin's art, click here and go to his website Theartofdylancavin.com.)

(Dylan Cavin/Facebook)

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