The current incarnation of Chief Wahoo, left, with its predecessor, used 1946-1950.

Eight Videos About Native Mascots, From the Academic to Will Ferrell


From academia to Will Ferrell and all points between, people, tribes and organizations have taken up the issue of using American Indians and Native names and logos as sporting mascots. Here is a small collection of some of the more ineresting videos on the subject. Please note that not all of the content would be considerd "G" rated. Or even "PG."

One: Will Ferrell as "just some loser fan from Cleveland."

Two: Villanova University: Is it honorable or racist to use Native American sports mascots?

Three: "Savage Country: American Indian Mascots, Part One" (The subsequent several parts are readily available on YouTube.com)

Four: "Indians as Mascots: Diminution of the Human Spirit"

Five: A clip from the documentary In Whose Honor?

Six: "American Indian Mascots"

Seven: National Museum of the American Indian's symposium Racist Stereotypes and Cultural Appropriation in American Sports (part one; subsequent parts are readily available on YouTube)

Eight: "Native American Mascots"

Bonus: Comedian Katt Williams on the racist Washington Redskins


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Ron's picture
Submitted by Ron on
Boston Celtics Notre Dame Fightin' Irish Minnesota Vikings

Ron's picture
Submitted by Ron on
Boston Celtics Notre Dame Fightin' Irish Minnesota Vikings

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Marshal Bazaine
Submitted by Marshal Bazaine on
Yep, I'm Irish-American, and if I were politically thin-skinned, and had been brainwashed by Leftists-Socialists interested in speech and mind control, I COULD take offense at Notre Dame's name and mascot. After all, it shows a very stereotypical little feisty Irishman with his fists raised. That he is willing to "duke it out" means he is is not into the current liberal "conflict resolution" (a no-no in today's PC world). The name "Fighting Irish" certainly implies he'd rather fight than reason something out. And taken to it's logical (by Leftist standards, at least) extreme, one could even say he was a "warmonger". From the name and image, one could even imply that he's a drunkard and a barroom brawler, which happens to be how Irishmen have been portrayed for 150 years. Yep, definitely not PC. Fortunately for me, I've never been brainwashed by the Left and do not share their "speech/mind-control" agenda for Americans. Oh, and BTW, while we're on the subject of PC, could we please stop using the politically-correct, but FACTUALLY incorrect term "Native American"? It is proven science that American Indians are of Asiatic descent, and most likely migrated to America across the Bering Land Bridge during the last Ice Age, when sea levels were lower and there was a land connection between America and Asia. So the American Indian is no more "native" to the Americas than I am! They may be 40th generation Americans, while I'm only 4th generation -- but it's still just a matter of who got here first!).