(World's Ugliest Dog Contest)
Meet Walle, ugliest dog in the world

Sports in Review: Ugly Dogs, Racists and Jewish-Arab Lacrosse


Here's your chance to get caught up on the biggest sports stories of the week. Don't go into the new week not knowing about these stories.

On Friday, the World's Ugliest Dog Contest ruled that Walle, a four-year-old mutt mix, part beagle, basset and boxer, was just the ugliest pooch on the planet. While any clear sighted person would question the vision of the judges in this competition, the ruling is the ruling. Read more: Meet Walle, the World's Ugliest Dog

Meanwhile in Israel, lacrosse comes in peace. The Creator's game is being introduced to create harmony and understanding among Israelis and Arabs. Read more: Peace Games: Building Bridges in Israel With a Lacrosse Stick

And then it's on to the Redskins, Blackhawks, and Wahoo, oh my, that's racist! segment. Here's what's happening.

Ojibwa Hockey Legend Ted Nolan Doesn't Like the R-Word

Former Washington QB Joe Theismann Says Redskins Name Honors Natives

New/Old Ways to Offend Indians: When Cars Assume Ethnic Identities

Three Stories on the Racist Redskins Name You Don't Want to Miss

CBS Chicago Posts History of NHL Blackhawks' American Indian Namesake

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