Glenn Naylor, Alberta Parks Department
What bears do when we're not there: still from the viral video of a tree-scratching par-TAY.

Does a Bear Shake It in the Woods? Six Hilarious Bear-Scratching Videos


Turns out trees do more than make oxygen—they double as pole-dancing props for bears. Who knew?

The latest bear-dancing craze is making the viral rounds, courtesy of the Alberta Parks Department in Canada. Though one could feel a bit voyeuristic watching these bears gyrate, especially in groups, it’s irresistible at the same time. That set us searching for more examples of this all too common behavior, which says is used to mark territory as well as to relieve what could only be a massive itch.

Let the frolicking begin!

1) Group scratch courtesy of the Alberta Parks Department, which uses this hidden camera to gauge the health of wildlife, according to This one’s driving the Internet wild.

2) The United States Geological Survey (USGS) Northern Divide Great Bear Project caught this lone bear relieving its itch back in 2007. At the end it appears to realize it is being watched, and is not happy about that. Just be glad you weren’t standing behind the camera!

3) USGS set to music. A few enterprising folks have been inspired in the years since the USGS shot the above video to give the scratching bear a beat. He certainly does appear to be grooving.

4) Night bear gets Jiggy With It.… Like a boss. You get the idea. Do these guys ever sleep?

5) Undeterred by torrential rains, this black bear scratches that itch in a downpour recorded by the Canadian conservation organization Pacific Wild, based in British Columbia.

6) For a little variety, rock scratching. This “Teddy Bear Romp” has them mixing it up a bit with some aqua-rough housing, during which they tear up a salmon and, yes, engage in some butt-scratching, only this time on a rock. Posted by the musician John Winchester to the tune of his very own “Puppy Dog Romp.”

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