Ursine offender, take 1. The bear returned to steal the dumpster from behind this German restaurant a second time.

Who Doesn't Like Takeout? Bear Steals Restaurant Dumpster—Twice


Momma Bear (we can only assume), perhaps having worked up an appetite from scratching her back on a tree (RELATED: Does a Bear Shake It in the Woods? Six Hilarious Bear-Scratching Videos), needed a bite to eat. What meatier place than the takeout area in back of Edelweiss German Restaurant?

A surveillance camera outside the Colorado Springs Bavarian eatery caught the ursine offender not once, but twice, making off with an entire dumpster. The family-owned restaurant has been in business for more than 40 years, but this may be the first bears it has served.

What culinary-discerning creature wouldn’t want to dine on items from the “authentic menu” of Old World German dishes including schnitzel, bratwurst and sauerbraten, or the more contemporary offerings of flammekuchen and maultaschen, as Edelweiss proclaims on its website? Or maybe this American bear opted for the fare on hand for the “not so adventurous palates,” dishes such as chicken cordon bleu, filet tournedos or fresh salmon filet. 

Either way, this bear came back for seconds. 

Tasted so nice, she stole it twice.

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