7 Choices for the Back of the Next Dollar Coin: What's Your Favorite?


According to the coin collecting news site CoinUpdate.com, the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) has reviewed seven proposed designs for the 2014 Native American one dollar coin and made its recommendation to the Secretary of the Treasury. The Native American one dollar coin has a portrait of Sacagawea on its obverse (heads) side, and features a different themed design each year on its reverse (tails). The 2013 Native American one dollar coin commemorates the Delaware Treaty of 1778.

The theme for the 2014 coin is the cooperation among Natives and the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804-06. Of the seven designs below, the CFA chose the sixth, a depiction of Chief Cameahwait recommending the alternate route to Captain Lewis. Which is your favorite?

The Secretary of the Treasury will consider the CFA's recommendation, as well as that of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, the Congressional Native American Caucus, the National Congress of American Indians, and the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, before making a final selection. For more details, see the original story at CoinUpdate.com.

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kamana's picture
Submitted by kamana on
Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to reconnoiter the western lands to ascertain if the natives really did not have guns and if the white men could subsequently conquer those lands.

Two Bears Growling's picture
Two Bears Growling
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on
I would choose #3 with a native man & woman. No waschiu's at all! Just a strong native man & woman together. I think our own peoples could have designed far better choices for this coin.

bullbear's picture
Submitted by bullbear on
The image of Sacagawea with Lewis and Clark in the background is my preference. The presence of her with baby Pomp and the food offering make known that the assemblage traveled in peace to those who they came in contact with. Sacagawea was the lone female and gave birth shortly after they started their journey. She was young, strong, and wise beyond her years. Indian nations hold women in the highest regard and this is affirmed by placing her in the foreground. -From an Apache/Navajo man